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What if I could show you how to transform your dreams, calling and pastor know-how into a profitable passion-based business? Whether you want to write, speak, coach, teach online, or do something else, let's work together to create the business that is right for you!



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Your Church Faces an Uncertain Financial Future. But You Don't Have To!


You've probably already felt it. The church in America is on the leading edge of several major cultural and economic shifts that will shape its future for generations.

Longstanding social, political and religious divisions + the Coronavirus pandemic + a growing distrust of institutional religion by those 30 and under will add up to a sustained, long-term decline in traditional church engagement and giving.

As a result, many churches will no longer be able to survive on tithes and offerings alone. And pastors will need to adapt to a new reality, that...

The 21st Century Church May Look a Lot More Like the 1st Century Church!

As the "traditional" church model of the last 75 years becomes increasingly unsustainable, thousands of churches will have no choice but to cut staff, reduce programming, and even repurpose their buildings. Sadly, many churches will be forced to close their doors for good.

But the churches and pastors who survive and thrive will forge new non-traditional, co-vocational ministry models that reach and serve their communities in a more organic and sustainable way. 

That's Why Now is the Time To Leverage Your Ministry Know-How Into a Profitable, Passion-Based Business.