Serve God and Provide for
Your Family, No Matter What.

Hi, I'm Rich Avery.

I’m here to share creative strategies for how you can supplement, or even replace, your current ministry income, by turning what you already know, love, and do into a profitable business or side hustle. So you can serve God and provide for your family, no matter what.

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    Listen to the More Than a Pastor Podcast

    Turn Your Purpose, Passion, & Pastoral Skills into a Profitable Platform

    Are you one of the many pastors who long to leverage your ministry skills into a secondary income source, or even full-time income for your family? What’s holding you back? Self-doubt? Fear? Not sure what kind of business is right for you?

    Let’s work together to help you transform your dreams, calling and pastor know-how into a profitable passion-based business. Whether you want to write, speak, coach, teach online, or do something else, we’ll help you step into the life, impact, and income you were made for.

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    You can find posts and show notes of every episode on our blog page.

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