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For Years, I Had a Secret Struggle That Few in My Church Knew About


And for those who did know...

Some thought I could eventually have "victory" over it one day if I could truly deny myself and turn away from it.

Others questioned whether it should end my pastoral ministry in the church altogether.

Serious conversations were had at the leadership level:

  • Was this my "thorn in the flesh"?
  • Was I giving in to the desire for worldly pleasures?
  • Was this an unnecessary distraction pulling me away from a life sold out to God and his church?

Thankfully, those in leadership decided to love me through the struggle, and see how the Lord might use it for his purposes.

Later, they would somehow come to appreciate – and even encourage – it!

And today, ironically, the very thing I had struggled with for so long is now being promoted and celebrated in that church, my denomination, and in many other church contexts:

  • Church planters and missional multipliers are now encouraged to embrace it
  • Speakers at events like Exponential enthusiastically promote it, and
  • Christian colleges and seminaries are even starting to teach it


So what was it that I struggled with for so long...


That my church leadership was so unsure about? That could have ultimately "shipwrecked" my pastoral ministry forever?

It was the feeling that I was called to be MORE than a pastor...That I was also called to be an entrepreneur!