Pastor Ditches Crypto for Snail Farm to Grow Income Slowly

grow your income Apr 01, 2023
Pastor ditches crypto to launch snail farm to grow income slowly

When Pastor Steve Snagel's church had to cut back on his salary due to declining attendance and giving, he knew he needed to do something more to provide for his family.

He dabbled in crypto a bit, thinking that would give him big returns quickly. And it did at first. But after it crashed, he knew he had to do something different.

A friend recommended my "More Than a Pastor" podcast to him, and after a few listens he contacted me for coaching, to help him find another way to earn extra income for his family.

Steve said he was done with get-rich-quick opportunities. He said he wanted to grow his income s-l-o-w-l-y.

So I asked him if he'd ever thought about snail farming. When the lightbulb went off above his head, he and I both knew Pastor Steve had found his new side hustle.

A year later, I asked Pastor Steve how his congregation supports his efforts. He said, "They love that I've found a way to earn more for my family. But most of them are pretty tired of me bringing escargot to church dinner nights."  

Congrats Pastor Steve on your side hustle success! And Happy April Fool's Day!

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