David Steininger on Navigating the Less-than-Fun Aspects of Working for Yourself

grow your income Mar 14, 2023
Navigating the Less-than-Fun Aspects of Working for Yourself David Steininger


So do you love the idea of starting your own business….but you get a little overwhelmed thinking about the tech, admin, and financial stuff that’s involved?

What if there was a guide who could help you navigate the less-than-fun aspects of building your own business? Well the good news is that there is! And we’ll introduce you to your new self-employment sidekick on this episode of the More Than a Pastor Show.

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Help for the B Side of Working for Yourself

So, starting a business or side hustle can “sound” easy and fun to many of us, especially if we’re making money…what’s not fun about that?

But there’s a B side to business that’s not fun for everyone, and that often holds us back or slows us up from accomplishing what we know we need to do.

On today’s show I want to introduce you to someone who definitely can help you out with the B side of your new business. My friend David Steininger. Dave is the host of the Self Employment Sidekick show, and he’s an expert at helping business owners navigate the less-than-fund aspects of working for yourself. He is also the co-owner of Brerro, which helps businesses design their marketing strategy.

Before we get into the interview with Dave I want to share briefly how we met. We’re both members in a community called Platform Launchers, hosted by our mutual friend John Stange. John is a pastor who’s built several successful online platforms that have created life changing income for his family.

I’m telling you this now because next week John is launching a new 8-week course called “How to Earn $250 a day from your own online platform,” and he’s going to share the pathway he followed to gradually build and grow his online businesses. Note that I said gradually…because this is NOT get rich quick. I’m not into that, and neither is John.

So if you’ve been wondering if starting an online business is right for you, why not check this out and see if it’s right for you?

The regular price for the course is $500, which, to be honest, is a bargain for an 8-week course like this. But right now John is offering a 50% discount if you use the promo code EARLYBIRD. I’m not sure how long that discount will last. 

So, check it out and see if the course is right for you. If it is, I look forward to seeing you there, and building our online businesses together.

And now let’s dive into our interview with David Steininger...


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