7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Start a Business or Side Hustle

more than a pastor show Sep 09, 2020
7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Start a Business or Side Hustle

More than a Pastor Show podcast - Episode 2: "7 Reasons Why Now is The Time for Pastors To Start their Own Business or Side Hustle."

We often think making money is the number 1 reason for going into business, right? But today I share 7 great reasons why pastors should start a business or side hustle today...and only 2 of them are about money.

And about that money thing?

The church in America is on the front-edge of a generational shift that will bring a decline in tithes and offerings. This will lead many churches to look for other ways, besides tithes and offerings, to sustain their ministries, and will mean that many pastors will have to get creative in providing for their family and funding their life and work. 

In this episode I introduce a FREE resource to help you launch your business or side hustle the right way. Download your FREE copy of "4 Keys to Success in Starting Your Business or Side Hustle" at www.morethanapastor.com/keys.


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If you’re new to the show, thanks for giving me a listen! Especially if you found me through Dan Miller and his 48 Days to the Work You Love podcast. Dan gave me a shout out on his show last week and I really appreciate it. 

I’m in Dan’s 48 Days Eagles Community, and that community inspired me to finally take action on my dream of launching this podcast. 

If you’re dreaming of starting a business, or making a move toward the life and work you’ll love, the 48 Days Eagles Community is a great place to get the support you need. I’d love to have you join me there. You can learn more at www.morethanapastor.com/eagles.



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7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Start a Business or Side Hustle Today

In our feature segment today, I want to dive right into 7 Reasons why pastors should start a business or side hustle. I know we often think money is the number 1 reason for going into business. What more reason do you need? And certainly, for some people it is, and I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with that. 

But there are some other great reasons why you should start a business that you may not have even thought about, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

  1. It fulfills a long-held goal or dream burning inside of how you could help others meet a need in their lives in a new way. When we keep deferring dreams, we create negative energy in our subconscious. When we fail to take action in one area of our lives, it can negatively impact other areas as well.
  2. It’s a great way to increase your personal impact and influence by serving others. You have untapped skills and passions the world needs you to put out there. And you’re the only person with your unique experience and perspective who can give it to them.
  3. It can boost your energy and creativity. Many pastors I’ve talked to get bored in ministry. Not because they don’t feel called or committed, but the routine becomes...well...routine. And they’re looking for something else to challenge them. Starting a business can keep you fresh and innovative in your life and ministry.
  4. It gets you outside the walls of the church and in regular connection with people outside of your church. When you start a business, you create a whole new set of relationships, and this give you the opportunity to plant seeds, and share Christ, with a whole new group of people. And it keeps your fingers on the pulse of what's happening in the real world and in your local community.
  5. It’s easier now than ever to start a business or side hustle with little to no start-up costs. Side gigs like Uber and Shipt are so easy for practically anyone to launch into. And there are so many ways to transform your hobby, and even your pastoral skills, into extra income. 
  6. It provides you with an additional source of short-term supplemental income that you can scale as a long-term source if needed in times of uncertainty. Having your own side business or hustle is often better than taking a traditional type of second job, because you can control your time, what you do, etc. And it puts you in a better position to self-fund yourself if the church can no longer afford to pay you. Because tithes and offerings aren’t going to cut it anymore. That's right... 
  7. The economic model for churches is changing. Younger generations aren't as engaged by the "traditional institutional church" model. They're more drawn to smaller church expressions, and passion-driven causes and organizations that they can get hands-on with, and see directly where their donations go to help people. Check out Mark DeYmaz's book, The Coming Revolution in Church Economics. This means churches will need to find new ways to fund their ministries in addition to tithes and offerings. And pastors will have to get creative in how they fund their lives and ministries.


FREE RESOURCE: 4 Keys to Success in Starting Your Business or Side Hustle

So, what do you think? Is now the time for you to launch or grow your own business or side hustle? 

I’ve got a free resource for you, called the Four keys to success in starting your business or side hustle.”  Inside you’ll find great tips...and an important warning... that will really help improve your chances of success…but not just in your new business, but even in your current ministry role. 

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Quotation For Today: Zig Ziglar

"You are the only person in existence who can use your potential. It is an awesome responsibility."

This quote reminds me of the Parable of the Talents. Think of all the resources God entrusts to us. How well are we using our talents, skills, abilities, spiritual gifts, and dreams, to bring about the return that God seeks? 

There have been many times when I've played it safe. When I knew I had more to give. That I wasn't close to living to my full redemptive potential.

Launching this podcast was one of those things. I'd take a step forward. And then two steps back. I doubted myself. I got distracted. I kept delaying real action by talking myself out of it.

You know, sometimes it's hard for pastors to know who you can trust to talk about things like this - our hopes, dreams, frustrations...

Do you have a dream burning inside of you? Tired of feeling stuck, broke, and unfulfilled? How would you like to find a safe space where you can share your ideas, get feedback from others who have been there, and explore how to make your dreams a reality?

More Than a Pastor Private Online Community

I'm creating a private Facebook group called the More Than a Pastor Private Online Community. I'd love for you to click the link to join and be one of the 1,000 pastors we're helping over the next five years to supplement or self-fund your income!

Coming Up on The Next Show

What are some of the best ways you can earn extra money right now through your own biz or side hustle? I know many pastors are struggling financially right now, and need to generate extra income today. We’ll dive into this next time. You won’t want to miss it.