4 Lessons Learned from 2022 to Bring into 2023

growth mindset Jan 03, 2023
4 Lessons from 2022 to Bring Into 2023


So, what are four lessons I’ve learned in 2022 that I want to bring with me into 2023? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode. Let’s get started

Happy New Year!

And since we're at the beginning of 2023, it seems fitting for me to take some time to look back on experiences from the last year...

  • The wins, joys, and things that were awesome
  • The things that didn't go so well, maybe even things that were painful or sad

And identify lessons learned and things that made me better in 2022 that I want to bring with me into 2023.


4 Key Lessons Learned from 2022 to Bring With Me into 2023

So today I want to share 4 lessons I learned in 2022 that I'm bringing with me into 2023. These aren’t so much things that are new or that I’ve never known, but things I’ve re-learned or remembered again how important they are for my success in life and work.


1. Consistency is a key ingredient for growth and success

Would you ever launch a new church without hosting regular gatherings or worship services? Probably not eh? You can’t build a church if you have gatherings every now and then whenever you feel up to it and have a message to share.

I’m learning that it’s the same with building a business. There’s something about consistency which creates momentum and helps to grow whatever it is you’re doing, whether launching a church or launching a business. I’ve known that I need to be more intentional in planning out my content and the interviews I want to do for the show, so I can release episodes on a weekly basis. And I want to commit myself to that in 2023.


2. I’m not helping anyone if no one knows what I do

Have you ever known someone who lost a bunch of weight thanks to a certain program they followed... And now every day in their facebook feed they’re talking about their weight loss and they can help you with your journey too? There’s a point where it’s great to share stories and show how your life has been changed and how you can help others too. But if that’s ALL you ever talk about, you may end up sounding salesy and people start to tune you out.

So I’ve been wary of ever sounding salesy, so I haven’t done a lot to promote my blog or podcast. But I’ve realized I’m really doing myself and others a disservice. Because if I have a solution to someone’s problem, I’m not helping them if I don’t tell them about it. And there are ways to do it without being salesy or sleazy.

So for 2023 I’m going wider with my message of helping pastors discover why now is the time for pastors to find ways to create income outside of their church, and how to discover the best income-producing ideas that are right for them.


3. Take care of little things before they become big things

Have you ever had a small task or project that was important but not urgent, so you kept putting it off?

Sometimes we do that with our health. Or relationships. And things are fine until they’re not. And then things blow up and “suddenly” the important but not urgent thing becomes incredibly urgent. And maybe too late?

Well in the spring and summer of 2022 our son remodeled the main bath in our house. It was our only full bath. He builds houses full-time for a living, and he was working-in our project over a few weeks as he had time on nights and weekends. Once the project was done, it was up to me to prime and paint the wood trim. I had done it once before the trim was installed, but after it was installed, I needed to fill the nail holes, caulk the trim joints and along where the trim met the wall, and then give it all another nice coat of paint. Oh, and there were a few dings on the walls and we wanted to patch those up…which meant I would repaint the walls again.

So it was a small job but seemed like a big deal and so I kept putting it off. For one month. Then a second month. Then a third…Um…My wife would ask me when are you going to get that done and I’d say “soon, soon.” But I had some other important work projects to complete and I just hadn’t taken the time to plan and schedule when I would do it.

Then we knew her parents were coming to visit us…right before I was heading out of town for a week for the Platform Launchers live event. And my wife said it would be really nice to have it all done before her parents came.

Now there was a lot more urgency to get the job done. And I started feeling a lot of stress because now I needed to take several hours over a couple of days to get this all done, while I’m also scrambling to get other work things done before my trip. And I started to resent the bathroom project a bit.

Until the Lord reminded me that I’d had all the time in the world to get it done…and I hadn’t yet. So there’s no one to blame but me. And I was reminded that I’ve allowed these things to happen more than once in my life…allow things to pile up, not deal with things right away and so they end up taking space in my life. Maybe physical space piled up in my office or basement. Or emotional space in my life or mental space in my head.

So in 2023 I want to get better at planning and scheduling those things and dealing with them sooner before they become big urgent problems. And I think I’ll enjoy a bit more freedom in my physical and mental spaces as a result.


4. The right mentor and the right community makes all the difference 

Entrepreneurship, like ministry, can be a lonely journey. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you! I’ve discovered that many businesses fail when owners feel like no one understands the unique struggles or challenges they face, and they don’t have anyone they trust who can guide them through the next best steps to take.

Having the right mentor, and surrounding yourself with the right community, makes all the difference!

It’s been said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So are you surrounding yourself with people you can count on to support you and cheer you on? People who understand you, are a few steps ahead of you, and are willing to help you succeed?

I’m a member of several communities: 48 Days Eagles, Platform Launchers, Market Your Message, EntrePastors. These offer encouragement, support, and accountability and even step by step guidance for some of my biggest challenges in launching my business and creating income outside of the church.

There’s power in community, in building something together, in supporting and encouraging one another. In having someone else tell you you’re not crazy for wanting to create more for your family.

  • In 2023 I’m doubling down on the communities I’m in.. engaging more…implementing what I’m learning and seeing how I can add value to others.
  • And I’m launching my own More Than a Pastor community. Where pastors can get support and encouragement, get tips, share ideas, get feedback, and move forward. Support and encourage each other on this journey to creating sustainable income outside of the church. I’d love for you to be a part of it. Why don’t you go to morethanapastor.com/facebook and join today?

So, these are four key learnings in 2022 that I’m bringing with me into 2023. Do any of these resonate with you? Or what would you put on your list? Please let me know.

And if growing your income is one of your goals for 2023, why don’t you join my More Than a Pastor community on Facebook, and let’s pursue that goal together! Again you can join today at morethanapastor.com/facebook.


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