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As a pastor, it's hard to know who to talk to sometimes about the hopes and dreams you have for your life, ministry, and finances.

There's nothing like finding someone who gets you. Who understands where you're coming from, because they've been there. Someone who can help you find the courage and clarity you need to take your next step.

If that sounds like something you want to experience, apply now for one of my free 30-minute coaching sessions.


Free 30-Minute Coaching Application

Congratulations on taking this step to request your free 30-Minute Coaching Session. If your application is approved, we'll schedule a time to connect via Zoom to have your session. The session is my gift to you. And the focus is on you, not me. This isn't about me trying to sell you something. It's about me listening to you, understanding where you want to go, and helping you identify your best next step. 

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